Fife Society for the Blind was founded as an independent charity over 150 years ago to help sight impaired people. While practices and technology has changed over the years our core aim remains the same – to make life with sight loss easier and allow people to be as independent as possible.

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Is your eyesight holding you back from doing the things you have always done? We offer a range of services for people who are sight impaired or severely sight impaired:

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Sight Support
Our expert team can assess your needs by visiting you at home or over the phone.  Working with you on an individual basis, we will help you boost your independence through training in independent living skills and the latest technology. We can help you develop the skills and techniques that will help you live independently in your own home.  If you are concerned about your sight please call us on 01592 644 979

Access Technology
We provide advice and training on the latest equipment, gadgets and software which will help you live more independently, communicate easily with friends and family, and enjoy your hobbies.  If you would like help or advice please call us on 01592 644 979

Lady optician fitting glasses to male client

Community Engagement
One of the examples of community engagement is the establishment of Scotland’s first charity optician. Based at our office in Kirkcaldy, our expert optometrists use the latest technology to assess the health of you eyes through a free eye test and advise you about the help available. They also have all the latest fashionable frames in stock should you need glasses. All proceeds from the optician go to help sight impaired people in Fife. To book an appointment please phone 01592 646728

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As an independent Charity we rely heavily on external funding, fundraising and donations to continue to provide services for sight impaired and severely sight impaired people in Fife.

We rely on our brilliant volunteers to help us to deliver life enhancing services to our clients. Their support and professionalism underpins everything we do at Fife Society – from helping with befriending services to fundraising and administration.

We are always looking for new volunteers to get involved. Where appropriate we provide training to enable our volunteers to better support people with sight loss.

If you feel you would like to get involved, please get in touch with our Community Engagement Co-ordinator. 

Everyone is so helpful, positive friendly and professional. The help I have received over the past months has helped me through the biggest crisis I have had since my diagnosis. I cannot thank you enough.
They have been there with help and advice since I moved to Fife from Bedfordshire in 2010
Thank you very much for looking after me so very well. I have been grateful for all the attention you have given me.
The Optician was so helpful and understanding. They also gave us lots of tips and information that have made life better.

If you would like to know more, please get in touch.